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Question: How much does a home inspection cost?


There is no set price for a home inspection because every home is different. Prices also vary based upon the region, square footage, type of foundation, the age of the home, Termite WDI, sprinkler systems, pools ect. For example, a home inspection price in Killeen, Temple, Belton, Jarrell, Harker Heights, or Copperas Cove Texas may not be the same price as a home inspection in Austin or Dallas Texas.

A multi-inspector company will typically cost you more than a one man inspector company due to the fact of More Overhead Costs.


You can typically expect to pay a starting price from about $325 to $450 for a home inspection depending on the certain factors as stated above.


Please call to discuss how we can help you, and the cost of the home inspection for your property!!


Question: What items are typically inspected in a home inspection?


Structural Systems

The foundation, proper grading (soil) and drainage, roof covering, roof structure (roof framing), interior & exterior walls, ceilings & floors, doors, windows, porches/decks/balconies, stairways, and fireplaces & chimneys.


HVAC Systems

The temperature readings from the Heating & Cooling systems along with inspecting the ducts and vents.


Plumbing Systems

The water pressure, interior and exterior plumbing fixtures, the presence of proper traps and or leaks, proper drainage of the plumbing system, water heaters, and jetted tubs.


Electrical Systems

The electrical panels, the presence of GFCI outlets at the proper locations and malfunctioning AFCI breakers, and the correct wiring for receptacles and electrical panels.


Most Household Appliances

Termite and WDI Inspections (additional fee) TDA # 0893422  (Pest Inspection Network TPCL 783068)


Sprinkler Systems (additional fee)


Please call about any other optional systems (optional systems are not required to be inspected by a home inspector)


Question: How long does a home inspection take?


A typical home inspection usually takes anywhere from 1.5 to 3.5 hours depending on the size of the home and the property condition. For example, a newer well maintained property built in 2019 is not going to take as long as a neglected foreclosure property built in 1975 which will almost always take longer.

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